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Charlottesville Downtown Mall

Charlottesville's downtown mall. Brick paving glistens after a recent rain.


Six years ago we drove south through the night, cars loaded down, imagining what life would be like in our newly adopted city. This wasn’t the “Northeast” anymore, and as dawn broke, we entered the city from a beautiful stretch of Route 29. The calm of those early morning hours gave me the sense that this would be an easy transition.

I had a general concept of the city and surroundings from prior visits: inspired mountains all around; easy access to downtown but once there, a street system that defies navigation; beautiful and esteemed University of Virginia on the west side.

Now, of course, this central Virginia city feels completely like home. We’ve learned so much and have still so much to learn. This site, hopefully, will take you here, at least in spirit. The attractions. The restaurants. The culture. The transportation advantages that are hard to beat. ┬áNo doubt I’m still “learning” this city.

Charlottesville University of Virginia UVA Grounds

UVA Grounds

Site Updated

This site has been reconstructed in a more useful form. A post page has been added (“My Latest”) and previous info on Charlottesville restaurants and recreation options has been reinstated and supplemented.

Lots more is on the way, so stay tuned and learn the ins and outs of acclaimed Charlottesville Virginia as seen through newcomer eyes; enjoy insights about the area from us and from other locals.